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 Transformation in Bali

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Owners of Chance Travel Club

tour on Bali

The world is changing rapidly. The earth raises its vibration and we, as conscious people, understand that we need to go through these processes together with the world.


We invite you to the harmonious process of internal changes on the island of the Gods. Together we will restore balance and find our inner light


We, the founders of Chance Travel Club, Iryna Vedeneyeva and Viktoriya Bila, personally completed all the practices under the program. We will unite in a group common field to go through the transformational process of your life.



23.02 – 03.03.2024 ( 9 nights)

6 nights – UBUD  

3 nights – ULUVATU

Viktoriya Bila  та Iryna Vedeneyeva

Founders of Chance Travel Club

Waiting for you

  • The practice of grounding;

  • Cocoa ceremony;

  • Ecstatic dance;

  • Morning meditations of silence;

  • Various types of yoga, including kundalini;

  • Throat chakra opening ceremony at sacred waterfalls;

  • Kirtan (group chanting of mantras);

  • Lila's game;

  • Individual consultation with a Balinese healer;

  • Women's purification ceremony at sacred springs;

  • Sound healing in the pyramids;

  • Photography on rice fields and Balinese swings;

  • Energy breathing practice;

  • Practice standing on nails;

  • Picnic at Tanah Lot Water Temple.

Yoga in Bali in 2022

As always, the Chance Travel Club team paid special attention to the selection of hotels and craftsmen. We strive to make your transformation process comfortable and pleasant.


We consider the composition of the group to be a special bonus of all our tours. Interesting and bright people are always attracted to us. ​


We are waiting for you!

Our hotel in Bali is K Club Ubud

We will live

in the villa in a separate room

in the hotel KClub Ubud

in the villa in a separate room
in The Ungasan Clifftop Resort

Our hotel in Bali is Alila Villas Uluwatu

The cost:

For single occupancy per person:

6 000 € 

The price of the tour includes:

  • Accommodation in luxurious rooms.

  • Breakfasts.

  • Transfers.

  • Practices that change lives.

  • Insurance.


The following are paid additionally:

  • International air flight;

  • Visa on arrival;

  • Lunches/dinners;

  • Spa procedures on request.

Transformation in Bali

Practices and Ceremonies

Опис Практик
Cacao ceremony in Bali

Cocoa ceremony

Ancient peoples revered the cacao tree, which embodies the feminine beginning, and sincerely believed that the great Gods from heaven sent Cacao to earth to reveal the spiritual beginning of people. Cocoa is only part of the ceremony, the other part is the presence. The biggest lesson of cocoa is the ability to listen and hear yourself, space, others, hints that are everywhere.


Making cocoa is not a difficult task. And to understand and create the space of ceremony, the field where healing takes place, is the magic and beauty of creation.

LILA's game

Leela is an ancient Vedic practice. The word "Lila" is translated from Sanskrit as "game" or "games of God".


Leela helps a person to understand and accept the nature of the universe and events in his life with greater ease and peace. It can help deal with stress, anxiety and negative emotions. It gives a person the opportunity to deepen his spiritual understanding and connection with nature and the universe.

 Lila Game in Bali at KClub Ubud Hotel
 We are at the sacred waterfall of Bali

Sacred waterfalls of Bali

These practices of merging with nature open up the possibility of physical and energetic cleansing.


Contact with waterfalls helps to get rid of negative emotions, blocks and accumulated tension. The power of water fills with vital energy.

Sound healing in the pyramids


The combination of the sacred geometry of the pyramids and the sounds of the cosmos promotes the healing of the human body on the physical, mental and etheric levels. This therapy has an immediate effect of relaxation and pleasure.

Sound healing awaits us in the pyramids in Bali
Kundalini at KClub Ubud Hotel


This practice activates inner energy and promotes spiritual awakening. The power of Kundalini is enormous! It goes beyond the boundaries of human awareness, eliminates everything that does not allow us to develop, and raises us to a higher level of life.

Meeting with a Balinese healer

Individual consultation with a Balinese healer who works through the body with emotional blocks.

Meeting with a Balinese healer
Standing on nails in Bali

Standing on nails

Contributes to the restoration of the harmonious circulation of Qi energy, which circulates along the meridians. By restoring the correct flow of energy, disturbed by the genetic characteristics and habits of a person, it is possible to eliminate diseases and heal on all levels.

Kirtan (chanting of mantras)

Group chanting of mantras creates harmony and raises vibrations, strengthening feelings of positivity and  harmony, as well as helping to reveal the full potential of self-expression.

Kirtan in Bali when we all chant mantras together
Ecstatic dance in Bali

Ecstatic dance

Through movement, we have the opportunity to express ourselves, release unlived feelings that we have not allowed ourselves. This dance is different – an ancient ritual where it's just you, your body and the music. You don't need to count the rhythm and think about the next movement, but trust your feelings, feel from the inside how, where and at what speed you want to move, allow the movement to happen.

Energy breathing

The Energy Breathing method is based on two principles: creating the effect of moderate hypoxia and oxygen saturation of body cells. This activates the internal adaptive mechanisms of the brain and helps to cope with stress, as well as to find a solution to a seemingly hopeless situation.

Breathing energy in Bali
 Transformation tour in Bali

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